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Color PDF Document Book Printing

picCOLORS - Smart Printing of Color PDF Document

Submitted by vivek on Wed, 01/06/2016 - 09:06

Colour printing is costly and if someone have large document to print in colour then total cost become unaffordable. Our customer faces this problem so we designed a technology which help to solves it smartly. We call it picCOLORS ™.

We are now using power of low cost black and white printing and beauty of costly colour printing in a way to bring down overall cost of colour document printing significantly. When you choose picCOLORS ™ option then our printers as usual prints pages having colour pictures in colours however when it sees a black and white simple text page it switches to low cost black and white printing automatically. We are now offering this technology to everyone to enjoy benefit of cost effective colour PDF document and book printing in India.

You don't need to worry about counting what pages has pictures and what pages are text to know the quote for such printing. picCOLORS ™ engine automatically calculate quote for you. You simply upload the PDF document and click "Show Price". This takes 1-3 min for calculation and generate quote. Please bear with us for that and enjoy low cost colour printing quote with picCOLORS ™.

This option is available for PDF files document either single side or both side printing on A3, A4, A5 size with any book binding option of you choice including spiral binding, hard binding, soft cover perfect binding and others.

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