Print from archive file such as zip and rar format file like PDF

Submitted by vivek on Wed, 06/05/2019 - 17:17

Sometimes you have multiple PDF files and don't know how to print them together in a single bound book. In such case you can simply compress multiple files in to zip or rar format file and use that for placing order.

These files when uploaded then total number of pages are calculated by considering pages in each file. All files inside zip or rar files are printed in the order when sorted by name. If sort by name is not the giving a desired order then rename files and put numbers in front of it and it will printed in numbered order.

If there are many small files available in your multiple folders then you can simply compress root folder and upload that compressed files to be printed on single merged book. Just remember to include only PDF files in your archival either zip or rar format and enjoy merge PDF printing.

picCOLORS - Smart Printing of Color PDF Document

Submitted by vivek on Wed, 01/06/2016 - 09:06

Colour printing is costly and if someone have large document to print in colour then total cost become unaffordable. Our customer faces this problem so we designed a technology which help to solves it smartly. We call it picCOLORS ™.

We are now using power of low cost black and white printing and beauty of costly colour printing in a way to bring down overall cost of colour document printing significantly. When you choose picCOLORS ™ option then our printers as usual prints pages having colour pictures in colours however when it sees a black and white simple text page it switches to low cost black and white printing automatically. We are now offering this technology to everyone to enjoy benefit of cost effective colour PDF document and book printing in India.

You don't need to worry about counting what pages has pictures and what pages are text to know the quote for such printing. picCOLORS ™ engine automatically calculate quote for you. You simply upload the PDF document and click "Show Price". This takes 1-3 min for calculation and generate quote. Please bear with us for that and enjoy low cost colour printing quote with picCOLORS ™.

This option is available for PDF files document either single side or both side printing on A3, A4, A5 size with any book binding option of you choice including spiral binding, hard binding, soft cover perfect binding and others.

Online PDF Document Printing In India, Print PDF Online

Submitted by vivek on Sun, 06/22/2014 - 21:30

Document printing is a day to day need for every office, school, organization and individuals. To print these documents different type of printer are available which runs anywhere from few thousand to lakhs of rupees. Although low cost printer are available but their per page printing cost is high due to high cost of ink and toner cartridge. High end printer may provide low per page printing cost but their upfront they are very expensive for a small organization to maintain.

One option is to find a local printing and copying shop or cyber café however they also have limited printing service available.There are some online document printing service available where all different kind of document printing is available however these service are very expensive. is one online document printing service which solve your quality document printing needs with very reasonable pricing. At customers can digital print any documents, manuals, project reports, proposals, study materials, school and college notes etc.

Option for color or black & white printing on various quality of paper such as standard, bonds, matte, glossy, color, certificate etc are available.  Various sizes of paper ranging from A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 are available for printing.  Printed documents can also be bound using spiral binding, classic hard binding, hard binding with golden embossing , stapled etc. delivers across India including remote villages using or other courier services.

Pricing is best part on, it start at just Rs 0.35 per page for both and 2 page each side on A4 size paper. Customer can securely pay using their online banking service, pay using credit card, debit card, internet banking via instamojo or wallet service. single page ordering system is easy to use. Checkout for any of your document printing requirements and reach one step closer to your goal today!   

What is "Both Side and Two Pages Each Side" or "Multiple Page" or "nUp" printing

Submitted by vivek on Tue, 02/23/2021 - 00:46
both side and two pages each side, 2up, multiple page preview

This printing option available only on and provide a way for cost effective printing. This option when selected prints 2 pages on front and 2 pages on back of the paper sheet. So total of 4 pages get printed, 2 on front and 2 on back. This is called multiple page printing as well. After printing it looks like above.

If binding is selected, it is then bound left short edge .

Online Aadhaar Card Printing, Aadhaar Card Delivery

Submitted by vivek on Fri, 08/15/2014 - 16:29

If you are one of those waiting for, updated or lost Aadhaar card, log on to the UIDAI website, key in your enrolment number and download your e-Aadhaar card. You can then print your e-Aadhaar card and use that as valid UID.

Once you downloaded e-Aadhaar card then you can visit Printer Plug an online document printing service in India and get it printed, laminated and also delivered to your home. You can get 3 copies of Aadhaar card delivered to you for just Rs 150/- including delivery charge.
After successful payment 3 color copies of laminated Aadhaar card would be delivered to your address. Printer Plug delivers laminated Aadhaar card anywhere in India including rural and remote area. Always carry your Aadhaar with you and avail benefit of various services.
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